Stop beating yourself up with resolutions, goals, and good intentions

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I am sick of all the articles, posts, and lists about how to be a better person in 2015. Join me and abandon all New Year’s resolutions. Make 2015 a New Year for absolutions. You’ll find it a lot easier and you might even feel better too.

An absolution is a formal release from guilt, obligation, or punishment. So put on your tuxedo or evening gown and celebrate the start of 2015 without feeling compelled to start something and removing the guilt of failing to finish anything.

Here are 10 absolutions to get you started in absolving yourself:

  1. I absolve myself of feeling obligated to set a New Year’s resolution for 2015.
  2. I absolve myself of guilt for not going to the gym and buying new runners that will sit in the closet.
  3. I absolve myself of losing my cool at other drivers when I promised to stay calm in traffic.
  4. I absolve myself of the sin of gluttony for gaining 3 pounds in the first week of 2015 rather than losing a few pounds.
  5. I absolve myself of not being more like someone else and realizing how hard it is to just be plain old me.
  6. I absolve myself of my failure to stop checking email, Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in.
  7. I absolve myself of parental guilt for telling my kids to go out and play so that I can watch the playoff game.
  8. I absolve myself of failing to be a perfect loving husband, getting grouchy, and forgetting to tell my wife how much I love her.
  9. I absolve myself of the pain of failing to complete everything I start and will take pride that I at least wrote 9 out of my 10 planned absolutions.

Enjoy 2015 for what it is and will be rather than being resolute in making it something it is not.

Absolve along with me to be guilt and obligation free!

 Repost from Employee Engagement Expert & Speaker David Zinger